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    Why you choose us? We are the professional law team specializing in international family law and private international law. We are the fellow of IAML (International Matrimonial and Family Law), fellow of Lawasia, member of All China Lawyer Association, member of Shanghai Bar Association (SBA), member of Civil Practice Research Committee of SBA, Specially invited Author of Law and Life sponsored by Law Press-China,Volunteer lawyer of Shanghai Bar Association, Member of Shanghai Interpreter’s Association (SIA). We have rich experience in international cases. We have the experience in providing Expert Opinions for courts in other jurisdictions, consulates in China, overseas organizations in the international civil cases, our lawyers were interviewed by Reuters, China Radio International (CRI), Outlook Weekly, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Evening Post and other world famous media on hot legal topics, were invited by European Union Member States (EUMS) to make special report on Chinese law for consular officers from nearly 20 European countries, make presentation at international conferences and provided legal training for newly practicing lawyers and made many professional speeches at legal conferences, such as International Private Law Conference, Civil Procedural Conference, Lawasia conference. Our lawyers are the contributing writers of LAW AND LIFE, the law magazine hosted by Law Press, the most famous press in law in China; we contributed International Marriage and Divorce, Family Business Succession, Influence of Divorce on IPO, etc. We have the stable cooperation with law firms and lawyers around the world. Weprovide legal services for our clients from all over the world in divorce,inheritance, division of marital or family assets, stock rights partition incommon company or listed company, employment disputes, corporate law, draw uplegal documents including but not limited to prenuptial agreement, marital agreement, divorce agreement, testament, forward proposals on company operation, immigration, the protection for the rights and interests in family and company, providing legal service for private legal counselor in different legal fields tailored to our clients. Our professional team is made up of lawyers with higher education degree, professional qualities and creativity. We can provide professional legal service in litigation and non litigation. It is our philosophy to offer the best-qualified legal service for our clients, our eternal aspiration to make concerted efforts to be the best professional lawyers.

  • corporate law, corporate legal counsel

    Corporate Legal Counsel Corporate Legal Counsel In order to safeguard your enterprise from any kind of legal risks and crises, and ensure its sustainable and stable development, we can provide the following legal service for you: 1. Provide legal consulting or advice including but not limited to contract, labor, tax, intellectual property, import /export. 2. Draft, prepare, review or revise legal documents concerned with management. 3. Issue legal opinions for corporation management or decisions. 4. Provide preliminary analysis on potential legal risk. 5. Assistance in formulating and executing regulations. 6. Issue lawyer’s letter to settle disputes. 7. Provide assistance to apply for the relevant business licenses. 8. Provide the legal service in establishment of enterprise, share transfer, change of registered capital, enterprise’s merger or division, liquidation, asset restructure, etc. 9. Enterprise due diligence. 10. Dealing with the non-litigation matters 11. Provide the legal training for the staff concerned with corporate management or private matters. 12. Provide lawyer witness for the legal action or the written documents. 13. Negotiation 14. Deal with the labor disputes. 15. Making the evaluation for the relevant investment plans. 16. Deal with the litigation or arbitration matters.

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    Invitation for Private Legal Counselor Service From the moment when you set your foot onthe land of China, you may be curious about Chinese culture; however, in the course of your integrating yourself into Chinese culture and society, you may encounter some difficulties that you are not able to settle by yourself due to the differences in culture, concept, social system, etc. If in China, you have a private legal counselor to provide prompt and effective advice for you, you can surely settle all problems you meet efficiently and fruitfully. The private legal counselor service islong-term and stable, which is based on the mutual trust between the client and the counselor, and the private legal counselor is to help you to nip any legal risk or dispute into bud. Moreover, the legal service provided by private legal counselor is comprehensive, including all legal issues concerned with you. With the assistance of us, you will surelylive and work in China without any worry. All Lawyers