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    Recognition & Enforcement Recognition and enforcement of judgment issued by courts of other jurisdictions is an efficient means with it growing importance of settling international commercial or civil disputes. So in the field of international legal service, recognition and enforcement of foreign judgment is our regular legal service for our clients from all over the world. Before you apply for the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgment from Chinese court, you need to know: 1. Under what conditions will your application for recognition and enforcement be accepted? 2. What should you prepare for the recognition and enforcement? 3. Which court will have jurisdiction of your application? 4. How long does it take for the judgment to be recognized and enforced? 5. What are the procedures for the recognition and enforcement? … … So when you begin the process of recognition and enforcement of judgment, it is vital for you to have an experienced lawyer to help you completing the process. Please contact us ( ) when you have any question. We will help you with your difficulty throughout the process.