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    Corporate Legal Counsel Corporate Legal Counsel In order to safeguard your enterprise from any kind of legal risks and crises, and ensure its sustainable and stable development, we can provide the following legal service for you: 1. Provide legal consulting or advice including but not limited to contract, labor, tax, intellectual property, import /export. 2. Draft, prepare, review or revise legal documents concerned with management. 3. Issue legal opinions for corporation management or decisions. 4. Provide preliminary analysis on potential legal risk. 5. Assistance in formulating and executing regulations. 6. Issue lawyer’s letter to settle disputes. 7. Provide assistance to apply for the relevant business licenses. 8. Provide the legal service in establishment of enterprise, share transfer, change of registered capital, enterprise’s merger or division, liquidation, asset restructure, etc. 9. Enterprise due diligence. 10. Dealing with the non-litigation matters 11. Provide the legal training for the staff concerned with corporate management or private matters. 12. Provide lawyer witness for the legal action or the written documents. 13. Negotiation 14. Deal with the labor disputes. 15. Making the evaluation for the relevant investment plans. 16. Deal with the litigation or arbitration matters.