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    Notarization & Legalization In line with international practice and consular practice, the purpose of consular authentication (legalization) is to ensure that notarial deeds issued in one country can be acknowledged by relevant authorities in another country, and the deeds can have its due legal effect, which shall not be affected by doubts on the authenticity of the seal or signature on the deeds. You have to legalize overseas documents if you will provide them for some purpose in China, or have to take some use of documents issued by Chinese governmental authorities overseas. What should you do when you encounter the following problems: 1. Under what conditions will your documents signed or issued out of China be acceptable in China? 2. What should you do when you have legal documents issued by Chinese court in your hand? 3. Being absent from Chinese court, what should you do with your power of attorney? … … … … All documents intended to be used in another jurisdiction need to be notarized and legalized by local notary public and consular legalization (authentication) according to the legal stipulation where the documents are used. When you have any problem in the process of notarizing or legalizing any document in China or any country concerned, please contact us ( ), we will help you with our rich experience throughout the process.