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    mediation Communication is always a big obstacle to overcome for international families due to the culture conflict,concept difference, and other differences caused by various factors. From our experience in dealing with international family cases, disputes usually happen between husband and wife,parent and children, or among other family members because of the differences in culture, concept, or even lifestyle. Finally they are the culprit to cause the family or marriage break-up. But it’s proved that most of issues can be resolved during mediation. If this unfortunately happened to you,how should you deal with it without going to court? It is well-known that efficient mediation must save the couple or family to rebuild the harmonious family; or even though the break-up is inevitable, mediation will help all parties to settle all issues concerned amicably, which is the good way to explore or discuss issues among them with the assistance and guidance from our impartial mediator. We, as international lawyers, provide mediation service for you to settle the difficulties you may encounter. Please let us know any difficulty you have! It is our philosophy to offer the best-qualified legal service for you.

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    International Marriage While you and your fiancée, from different jurisdictions, are planning to register your legal marriage in China, what should you do? Do you have enough knowledge on Chinese laws? How to register your international marriage in China? What’s the rights and duties between you and your fiancée in your marriage? How to make your international marriage valid? … … We will provide including but not limited to the following professional legal service for you. 1. Evaluating the legitimacy of your marriage registration under Chinese laws; 2. Professional consultation about Chinese laws on international marriages; 3. Professional advice on prenuptial or postmarital life in China; 4. Professional advice and guidance in the process of registering international marriage in China; 5. Assistance to complete the marriage registration; 6. Any other legal service involved in international marriage registration in China. … …

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    International Divorce International Divorce Divorce is an important decision for anyone, however, if you have to face up it, what should you do to bring yourself a brand new start in your life? If both your parties can reach the mutual agreement on settlements for all issues, that means both you don’t have to spend too energy and time on the long-term war. In the whole process of uncontested divorce, we provide you professional legal service including but not limited to legal advice, negotiation, document draft, guidance in the procedures, notarization and legalization. However, if both your parties failed to reach mutual agreement on settlements, litigation is inevitable, that means if both your parties have any dispute in dissolution of marriage, asset division, debt burden, child custody, and other issues involved, either party can file the case to the court with jurisdiction. It’s the court with jurisdiction who makes the decision on all issues. So in the divorce proceeding, you should know something important to you: 1. Why he/she doesn’t agree to divorce? 2. Why does he/she want divorce? 3. Is it possible for the court to grant him/her divorce? 4. What’s the court decision on our marital assets? 5. Is it possible for me to get the custody of my child? 6. What rights and duty we have in the proceedings? 7. After divorce, shall I pay any alimony for her?/can I get any alimony from him? … … We provide you professional advice and guidance to protect your best interests.

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    Prenuptial Agreement Prenuptial Agreement A prenuptial agreement is a private agreement between two persons who are planning to marriage. The couple generally settles, in advance, property matters but not limited to property matters, in the event of death or divorce. It is very important to clarify what properties are pre-marital ones, since many disputes and arguments can not be avoided during the marriage or during the course of divorce if pre-marital properties can not be distinguished from post-marital properties. The time when the property obtained is the crucial element while judging pre-marital property. It is impossible to prove the exact time when expensive property obtained, and without enough evidence to prove the pre-marital property, the judges will classified them as jointly owned property. Even during the course of divorce, if you have signed a pre-nuptial agreement to arrange both of your property, the agreement is binding to both of you. What are the steps to create a prenuptial agreement? 1. Determine whether you need a prenup. Actually, it is better to create a prenuptial to reduce the trouble in the future to almost nil. 2. Open a discussion with your spouse-to-be about the prenuptial agreement well in advance of marriage. 3. Consult with a lawyer about related law. 4. Offer fair and full disclosure of your property and make a list of all of your assets and liabilities as detailed as possible. 5.Reach an agreement with your spousal-to-be on how to share in all of the assets and how to pay pre and postnuptial liabilities. 6.Enquire enough legal advices from processional family lawyers. 7. Creating a prenuptial agreement.

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    Marital Agreement Marital Agreement This is the agreement concluded during your marriage to stipulate the ownership of your marital assets, rights and duties shared by both you and your wife/husband. The legal marital agreement is valid and binding to both you. Can you sign a marital agreement during your marriage? We provide legal service including but not limited to as follows: 1. Provide legal consultation about Chinese laws concerned with marital agreement. 2. Evaluate the possibility and necessity of marital agreement. 3. Legal analysis on structure of marital agreement. 4. Discussion about items in the agreement. 5. Provide all relevant legal advice concerned with the agreement. 6. Draft the marital agreement. 7. Review or revise the marital agreement. 8. Provide legal assistance for the whole process of conclusion of the agreement.

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    Inheritance Issue Inheritance Issues If you have to inherit any asset in China or make plan for your asset in China, inheritance legal proposals are required: 1. What can be inherited as the inheritance in China? 2. Who has the legal rights to inherit the heritage? 3. How to inherit the heritage under Chinese laws? 4. What is the legal testament under Chinese laws? 5. How to prove the validity of heritage? 6. How to inherit the common property of the couple? 7. How to inherit the family property? 8. How does a Chinese court deal with the inheritance disputes? We provide all legal service necessary to inheritance issues for you: 1. Making all documents including but not limited to testament, agreements. 2. Dealing with issues concerned with testamentary trust. 3. Private counsel. 4. Deal with litigation in the inheritance proceedings. 5. Any other legal service concerned with inheritance issues.

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    Asset Division While you have to unfortunately go through divorce, besides dissolution of your marriage, asset division has to be settled, or after divorce, you have to divide some asset without settlement in the process of divorce. Generally you may encounter the problems including but not limited to the following: 1. What asset shall be divided as the common properties? 2. Will your assets owned before marriage be divided? 3. How to deal with the pension insurances? 4. How to deal with your company set up before marriage? 5. How to deal with your share held in any company? 6. How to deal with your business set up during your marriage? 7. How to deal with your insurance? 8. Will your intellectual properties be divided? 9. Can you divide the asset in China after you divorced in any other jurisdiction? 10. Is there any way fulfill the asset decision made by courts in other jurisdiction? … … So when you begin the property division process, it is vital for you to have an experienced lawyer on your side to help you toward your new life and a fresh start. Please contact when you are concerned about what you will get in the proceedings of asset distribution. We will help you with your difficulty throughout the process.

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    Divorce Proceedings Divorce Proceedings If you have to make yourself into the divorce litigation, you should know more about the international divorce proceedings: 1. Can you divorce in China? 2. What should you prepare for the litigation? 3. What should you do to defend your husband/wife’s divorce application? 4. Can the court grant you the divorce? 5. What are your rights and duties in the proceedings? 6. How will the court deal with your assets? 7. How will the court decide the custody of your children? 8. How should you attend the Chinese court hearing? 9. Is the judgment issued by Chinese court valid in your country? … … Let us know any enquiry from you and we’ll provide professional and practical legal advice and assistance for you.

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    Child Issue Child issues are the most important when you separate from each other, you may encounter overseas child abduction, or you are considering how to adopt a child in China… … How to settle the following problems? 1. How does a Chinese court decide child custody if you have to separate? 2. What are your visitation rights under Chinese Laws? 3. What should you do if failing to realize your visitation rights? 4. What cost shall you pay for the child? 5. What are your rights and duties as the father/mother? 6. What rights and duties should be shared between you and your child? 7. What should you do if your child’s brought to China without your consent? 8. Can you adopt a child in China? 9. What should you do to adopt a child in China? 10. How to realize your parental rights decided by courts of other jurisdiction? … … Many clients settle child issues under our legal advice and legal assistance, and we provide legal service for our clients to find solutions to the child issues at court or out of court. Please let me know all difficulties you have about child issues.

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    Notarization & Legalization In line with international practice and consular practice, the purpose of consular authentication (legalization) is to ensure that notarial deeds issued in one country can be acknowledged by relevant authorities in another country, and the deeds can have its due legal effect, which shall not be affected by doubts on the authenticity of the seal or signature on the deeds. You have to legalize overseas documents if you will provide them for some purpose in China, or have to take some use of documents issued by Chinese governmental authorities overseas. What should you do when you encounter the following problems: 1. Under what conditions will your documents signed or issued out of China be acceptable in China? 2. What should you do when you have legal documents issued by Chinese court in your hand? 3. Being absent from Chinese court, what should you do with your power of attorney? … … … … All documents intended to be used in another jurisdiction need to be notarized and legalized by local notary public and consular legalization (authentication) according to the legal stipulation where the documents are used. When you have any problem in the process of notarizing or legalizing any document in China or any country concerned, please contact us ( ), we will help you with our rich experience throughout the process.