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    International Divorce International Divorce Divorce is an important decision for anyone, however, if you have to face up it, what should you do to bring yourself a brand new start in your life? If both your parties can reach the mutual agreement on settlements for all issues, that means both you don’t have to spend too energy and time on the long-term war. In the whole process of uncontested divorce, we provide you professional legal service including but not limited to legal advice, negotiation, document draft, guidance in the procedures, notarization and legalization. However, if both your parties failed to reach mutual agreement on settlements, litigation is inevitable, that means if both your parties have any dispute in dissolution of marriage, asset division, debt burden, child custody, and other issues involved, either party can file the case to the court with jurisdiction. It’s the court with jurisdiction who makes the decision on all issues. So in the divorce proceeding, you should know something important to you: 1. Why he/she doesn’t agree to divorce? 2. Why does he/she want divorce? 3. Is it possible for the court to grant him/her divorce? 4. What’s the court decision on our marital assets? 5. Is it possible for me to get the custody of my child? 6. What rights and duty we have in the proceedings? 7. After divorce, shall I pay any alimony for her?/can I get any alimony from him? … … We provide you professional advice and guidance to protect your best interests.