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    Child Issue Child issues are the most important when you separate from each other, you may encounter overseas child abduction, or you are considering how to adopt a child in China… … How to settle the following problems? 1. How does a Chinese court decide child custody if you have to separate? 2. What are your visitation rights under Chinese Laws? 3. What should you do if failing to realize your visitation rights? 4. What cost shall you pay for the child? 5. What are your rights and duties as the father/mother? 6. What rights and duties should be shared between you and your child? 7. What should you do if your child’s brought to China without your consent? 8. Can you adopt a child in China? 9. What should you do to adopt a child in China? 10. How to realize your parental rights decided by courts of other jurisdiction? … … Many clients settle child issues under our legal advice and legal assistance, and we provide legal service for our clients to find solutions to the child issues at court or out of court. Please let me know all difficulties you have about child issues.