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    Inheritance Issue Inheritance Issues If you have to inherit any asset in China or make plan for your asset in China, inheritance legal proposals are required: 1. What can be inherited as the inheritance in China? 2. Who has the legal rights to inherit the heritage? 3. How to inherit the heritage under Chinese laws? 4. What is the legal testament under Chinese laws? 5. How to prove the validity of heritage? 6. How to inherit the common property of the couple? 7. How to inherit the family property? 8. How does a Chinese court deal with the inheritance disputes? We provide all legal service necessary to inheritance issues for you: 1. Making all documents including but not limited to testament, agreements. 2. Dealing with issues concerned with testamentary trust. 3. Private counsel. 4. Deal with litigation in the inheritance proceedings. 5. Any other legal service concerned with inheritance issues.