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    mediation Communication is always a big obstacle to overcome for international families due to the culture conflict,concept difference, and other differences caused by various factors. From our experience in dealing with international family cases, disputes usually happen between husband and wife,parent and children, or among other family members because of the differences in culture, concept, or even lifestyle. Finally they are the culprit to cause the family or marriage break-up. But it’s proved that most of issues can be resolved during mediation. If this unfortunately happened to you,how should you deal with it without going to court? It is well-known that efficient mediation must save the couple or family to rebuild the harmonious family; or even though the break-up is inevitable, mediation will help all parties to settle all issues concerned amicably, which is the good way to explore or discuss issues among them with the assistance and guidance from our impartial mediator. We, as international lawyers, provide mediation service for you to settle the difficulties you may encounter. Please let us know any difficulty you have! It is our philosophy to offer the best-qualified legal service for you.