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Why you choose us?

We are the professional law team specializing in international family lawand private international law.

We are the fellow of IAML (International Matrimonial and Family Law),fellow of Lawasia, member of All China Lawyer Association, member of ShanghaiBar Association (SBA), member of Civil PracticeResearch Committee of SBA, Specially invited Author of Law and Life sponsoredby Law Press-China,Volunteer lawyer of Shanghai Bar Association, Memberof Shanghai Interpreter’s Association (SIA).

We have rich experience in international cases. We have the experience in providingExpert Opinions for courts in other jurisdictions, consulates in China,overseas organizations in the international civil cases, our lawyers wereinterviewed by Reuters, China Radio International (CRI), Outlook Weekly, BloombergBusinessWeek, Evening Post and other world famous media on hot legal topics,were invited by European Union Member States (EUMS) to make special report onChinese law for consular officers from nearly 20 European countries, makepresentation at international conferences and provided legal training for newlypracticing lawyers and made many professional speeches at legal conferences, suchas International Private Law Conference, Civil Procedural Conference, Lawasiaconference. Our lawyers are the contributing writers of LAW AND LIFE, the lawmagazine hosted by Law Press, the most famous press in law in China; wecontributed International Marriage and Divorce, Family Business Succession,Influence of Divorce on IPO, etc.

We have the stable cooperation with law firms and lawyers around theworld. Weprovide legal services for our clients from all over the world indivorce,inheritance, division of marital or family assets, stock rightspartition incommon company or listed company, employment disputes, corporatelaw, draw uplegal documents including but not limited to prenuptial agreement,marital agreement, divorce agreement, testament, forward proposals on companyoperation, immigration, the protection for the rights and interests in familyand company, providing legal service for private legal counselor in differentlegal fields tailored to our clients.

Our professional team ismade up of lawyers with higher education degree, professional qualities andcreativity. We can provide professional legal service in litigation and nonlitigation. It is our philosophy to offer the best-qualified legal service forour clients, our eternal aspiration to make concerted efforts to be the bestprofessional lawyers.