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Speech on “Lawyers’ International Practice ” Beijing
Read:4881  2015/9/14 15:49:10

Attorney Zhao Ningning Made Speech on “Lawyers’ Practice inInternational Cases” in Beijing

Attorney Zhao Ningning was invited by the Civil Committee of Beijing Lawyer Association to make a speechon “The Lawyers’ Practice in International Cases” in  Beijing. Lawyers,, scholars, teachers,reporters and students who study in law school took part in this salon.

As the international communications becoming rising up, the international marriages and cross-border families have increased. Meantime the lawyers also face up the new challenges and the higher requirements in family legal services. From the view of international lawyers, they should have relevant abilities to deal with the disputes of international marriages and cross-border families. Besides the implement of Law of the Application of Law for Foreign-related Civil Relationsof PRC has the influence on the international laws and provides the new requirements to the international lawyers.

This conference is mainly around the feature and type of international cases. And Attorney Zhao shared her experience in the field of international cases, such as how todeal with the relationship between lawyer and client, the procedure and substance problems in the process of acting cases, how to have an international cooperation etc. Meantime, Attorney Zhao had a heated discussion on the influence of the implement of Law of the Application of Law for Foreign-related Civil Relations of PRC with the participants.