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Private International Law Conference
Read:4725  2015/9/14 15:47:52

Attorney Zhao Ningning Made a Speech at the PrivateInternational Law Conference

Attorney Zhao Ningning joined Chinese private international law 2012 conference held in Maritime Affairs University of Dalian on September 22nd to September 23rd  and made a speech on the international civil procedure and put forward some suggestions to improve the jurisdiction and service aboard in international civil cases.

This private international law conference is about the Implement of Law of the Application of Law for Foreign-related Civil Relations of PRC. More than 190 representatives attended this conference. They came from Chinese Law Society,the Supreme People’s Court, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hague Private International Law Conference, China University of Political Science and Law,Wuhan University, East China University of Political Science and Law, Taiwan Donghai University, the Higher Court in Guangdong province, Law Press, PekingUniversity Press, Maritime Affairs University of Dalian etc.

Many professors made speeches at the conference. They are Judge Liu Guixiang from the Supreme Courtof PRC, Chen Peijie who is the Vice Director of Ministry of Foreign Affairs,Christophe Bernasconi who is the Vice Secretary of Hague Conference on PrivateInternational Law, Consul Xu Yuhong from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs etc.