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LEGAL PRACTICE OF INTERNATIONAL FAMILY CASES written by attorney Zhao Ningning was published at LAW PRESS-CHINA April 2015.

International travel, economic migration and international education impacts on all aspects of life but especially that of family life. The number of transnational marriages and expatriate families is ever increasing.  In order to properly advise these families family lawyers must have a firm understanding of private international law principles, jurisdictional rules and the relevant international treaties and conventions.

It is essential that legal advisors are equipped and qualified to provide comprehensive expert advice, often in urgent circumstances while dealing with international family cases.

Attorney ZhaoNingning, the author of LEGALPRACTICE OF INTERNATIONAL FAMILY CASES, contributed rich experience and skills to readers in international family cases in P.R. China.

The book will undoubtedly prove an invaluable tool to legal advisors, academics, the judiciary and all professionals who work in the field of international family and private client law.