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Attorney Zhao Ningning Contributes “IPO and Divorce” for “Law and Life”
Read:1268  2015/7/1 16:44:08

IPO refers to the process for enterprises to initially andpublicly issue stocks by the stock exchange to raise the capital and furtherdevelop the enterprises. How complicated is the relationship between divorceand listed enterprises?

For Life, the best seller book in America, says marriage isnot only the personal love story but also the strictest contact in thesocietyAnd this has been proved in thekingdom of wealth. For example, MarkZuckerberg,the founder of Facebook, had the wedding following day when hisenterprise became listed Wang Wei as the Founder of Tudou (which is a famousvideo network) missed the best opportunity for his company to become listedbecause of divorce. Eric Schmidt who is Google former CEO experienced thesecond expensive divorce in America. Yuan Jinhua,the vice CEO of San Yi HeavyIndustry, created the most expensive divorce record in Chinese A-stock market.It can be found that the rich people’s love is beyond the personal affectionsand burden more meaning.

From the divorce cases of above-mentioned persons, we canfind all of them were able to overcome the hardship in initial period ofenterprise, solve the difficulty  inbusiness as well as come through financial crisis. However, they are so weakwhile they are facing up divorce because the influence brought by divorce isalways complicated than the influence brought by financial crisis or change ofmanagement pattern.

By learning the relationships between listed enterprises anddivorce, we can further understand the value of marriage, that is A stable,harmonious and everlasting marriage is a much more expensive investment than alisted enterprise for any entrepreneur

Attorney Zhao Ningning was invited by “Law and Life”, whichis the Chinese national publication, to write the “IPO and Divorce”. In thearticle, Attorney Zhao analyzes the relationships between the divorce andlisted enterprise, introduces the influence of divorce on the listed enterpriseand puts forward  suggestions to avoidthe negative influence on listed enterprise by divorce.