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Attorney Zhao Ningning was interviewed by Outlook Weekly
Read:1239  2015/7/1 16:37:38

Psychologists think love will appear by shortening distanceand regular contacts and then leading to a marriage. As Chinese achievements inreforms and opening, more and more Chinese people can directly contactforeigners, and even live in the same community with them. As a result,international marriages in China become increasing.

However, the international marriage also face up realisticdifferences in culture, habits, environments, worth value, belief, legislationetc. Especially it’s reported that in recent years, more and more internationalmarriages broke down due to the domestic violence, marriage fraud, maritalfaults etc.

As the opening pace speeding up, and the increasinginternational marriage attracts more and more attention.

Attorney Zhao as the Partner of Shanghai Office of JingDaLaw Firm and the Director of International Legal Service Center summarized thathalf of international divorce cases which she handled are caused by culturalconflict, and the cultural conflict has become the leading reason causing tosay good-bye in international marriages.