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Establishment and Perfection of Domestic Violence Prevention System
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Anti-Domestic Violence Network / Beijing Fan Bao (hereinafterADVN / Fan Bao ), is known formerly as Anti-Domestic Violence Network of ChinaLaw Society(June 2000- March 2011). As a NGO initiated by a group of active experts, scholars, women activists and several women’s NGOs in Beijing which concern about women’s rights, It is the first multi-field and multi-sector network that specializes in domestic violence against women. Her mission is to eliminate gender-based violence and create a gender-equal society

Attorney Zhao Ningning joined the conference held in2013 on “Domestic Violence Protective Orders” hosted by Anti-Domestic Violence Network and sponsored by Oxfam Hong Kong. 

At the conference, Attorney Zhao Ningning made aspeech on Establishment and Perfection of Domestic Violence Prevention System,presenting the obstacles for China while implementing the Habeas Corpus systemand proposing suggestions on how to improve the effective operation of the Habeas Corpus system in China to reduce the possibility of domestic violence and maintain the harmony of families and the whole society.

The article on “Establishment and Perfection of Domestic Violence Prevention System” by Attorney Zhao Ningning is published in the Article Competition on Domestic Violence Protective Orders Competition Finalists.