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IPO and divorce
Read:4551  2015/8/19 11:01:58

IPO and Divorce is contributed by attorney Zhao Ningning to Law and Life sponsored by LAW PRESS-CHINA.

IPO, refers to the enterprise through the securities exchange for the first time publicly to the investors to issue stocks in order to raise funds for the development of the enterprise process. What is the relationship between divorce and perplexing enterprises listed?

In recent years, the rich people's emotional entanglements, family feuds, marital disputes are increasingly in the spotlight. Many enterprises to survive the early stage entrepreneurial hardships, can solve the predicament of business model, also can experience the baptism of several financing, however, but I do not know how to prevent marital disputes brought to the enterprise the fatal injury. Obviously, for those successful entrepreneurs, this injury is really a little injury ".

Attorney Zhao Ningning,  the author of IPO AND DIVORCE, analyzed the relationship between IPO and divorce, especially the effects of divorce on IPO, and forwarded relevant legal advice on how to settle the relationship between IPO and divorce to maintain the stable and longtime development of enterprises.