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Attorney Zhao Ningning Joined the Conference on Family Business Inheritance and Family Fortune Management
Read:1597  2015/7/2 0:05:45

The 2014 family practice conference was held in Hefei, Anhui province onJune 29th, 2014. This conference mainly focused on the inheritance andmanagement of family business and the creation of lawyer business, whichcovered lawyer legal service on the inheritance of family business, familytrust and the inheritance and management of families’ fortune etc. Meantime,this conference will promote the development of business between marriage lawand corporate law, trust law, financial and insurance law。

Attorney zhao  joined this conference,and had discussion on relevant topics with more than 200 representatives oflawyers, professors and scholars, who come from all over China.

This conference mainly consisted of two sessions. One session is about theInheritance of Family Business and Family Fortune Management. And the other isabout the combination of the inheritance of family fortune and the creation oflawyer legal service. Besides, some representatives gave the key note speeches,such as “the obstacles and suggestions to the inherence of family business andfortune”, “Family Trust in China”, “the inherence of family companies’ shares”,etc. In the conference there were heated discussions among the academic andpractical perspectives which offered guidance for the promotion of familybusiness and the expansion of lawyer’s practice.