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“IPO and Divorce”
Read:1195  2015/7/1 23:34:29

“IPOand Divorce” is authored by Attorney Zhao Ningning, which was invited by LAWAND LIFE hosted by Law Press-China 2012 and this article was awarded the SecondPrize by China National Office of Legal Knowledge Popularization and All-ChinaJournalists Association in 2012.

In this article,Attorney Zhao represents how complicated the relationship is between divorceand listed enterprises. Attorney Zhao analyzes the relationships between thedivorce and listed enterprise, introduces the influence of divorce on thelisted enterprise and puts forward suggestions to avoid the negative influenceon listed enterprise by divorce.

By learning therelationships between listed enterprises and divorce, we can further understandthe value of marriage, that is a stable, harmonious and everlasting marriage isa much more expensive investment than a listed enterprise for anyentrepreneur