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Partner Zhao Ningning Joined International Conference in London
Read:7362  2016/8/4 16:19:53

July6-8, 2016 the Culture,Dispute Resolution and the Modernized Family Conference was hosted in King’s College London Waterloo Campus, by International Centrefor Family Law, Policy and Practice, in association with the King’s College London.


Over 300 participants joined this conference, who are professors, judges, legal academics and practitioners from USA, United Kingdom, France, Australia, New Zealand, Netherland,Switzerland, Singapore, Japan, India, Malaysia, PRC ofChina, South Africa,Thailand, Dubai and Hong Kong. At the conference many academic and practical topics on cross-border and modernized family were discussed.


The People’s Republic of Chinais firmly on the international stage and as a result international family cases relating to P.R. China are on the rise. Most of foreigners residing in China or having assets in China, when their honeymoon is over in other jurisdictions,they have to apply for the enforcement of foreign judgment, or find solutions to financial issues or child arrangement.


The Partner, Ms. Zhao Ningning from Beijing Jincheng Tongda&Neal (JTN) Shanghai Office was invited, as the only Chinese speaker, to join this conference. At the conference, Ms. Zhao Ningning made a presentation on the solutions to financial issues and child arrangement in international family cases.