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Attorney Zhao Ningning Engaged As the Instructor of CUC
Read:4951  2016/4/20 14:57:50

In March 2016, Ms.Zhao Ningning, the partner of Jincheng Tongda&Neal Law Firm, was engaged as the instructor by the Communication University of China (CUC). During the two-year engagement, Ms. Zhao Ningning will give the course of Civil Procedural Law and Arbitration Law to the students studying for the Juris Master Degree at CUC.

Ms. Zhao Ningning specializes in international civil and commercial legal service, litigation andnon litigation. At class, Ms. Zhao Ningning focused on the jurisdiction, law application, cross-boarder judicial assistance as well as other issues frequently met in international civil cases. The course on international civil laws and cases were very popular with the students who will practice in the filed of international legal service in future.