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American business weekly Interview
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AttorneyZhao Ningning Was Interviewed By Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

 On May 21st, 2014. Attorney Zhao Ningning was interviewed by Ms. Christina Larson from Bloomberg BusinessWeek at Shanghai Office of Beijing Jingda Law Firm

As one of the female lawyers, Attorney Zhao talked about her own feelings and experiences in her 7 year’s legal practice. Meantime, with the international civil disputes and cross-border legal problems rising up, Attorney Zhao shared her experience in the field of international legal services and analyzed relevant reasons for this kind of international legal problems and then she put forward some suggestions for the foreigners and relevant groups to protect their legal rights.

In fact, it’s not the first time for Christina to interview Attorney Zhao. Last year they had made an interview by the teleconference. This time they met in Shanghai and had an joyful interview again. In this interview Attorney Zhao chatted the original intention to takeup the lawyer’s occupation and talked about the development of the Chinese law.Both of them wish this interview to promote the improvement in the field of the international legal service and arouse people to pay much more attention to international legal problems.